Franchise Law

If you are considering entering into a franchise agreement, it is crucial that you seek the advice of an experienced franchise attorney who can review your franchise documents and advise you regarding this very important decision. Even if you have already entered into a franchise agreement, a franchise lawyer can offer you invaluable guidance on issues such as termination of franchise agreements.

While federal law provides no absolute protection to franchisees in general, a franchisee may have rights under the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Federal Arbitration Act, or under the Disclosure Rule of the Federal Trade Commission. Similarly, state common law also provides almost no protection to franchisees. Presently, there are approximately 16 states that have specific franchise laws (and each of these may vary greatly). Given this, your franchising rights may be somewhat complicated and subject to different state law interpretations. Alternatively, your franchise agreement may subject you to the laws and jurisdiction of the state in which the franchisor is located. As one can see, it is extremely important to know your rights before you sign a franchise agreement and what your rights may be after entering into the agreement and becoming a franchisee.

Franchise Law Practice

Vaughn Gourley, P.C.’s attorneys are experienced in franchise law and have represented both franchisees and franchisors. Our attorneys not only are familiar with the requirements for franchising, but also are familiar with the pros and cons of franchises and the requirements to be a successful franchisee or franchisor.

When you hire R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C.’s attorneys, they will comb through your franchise agreement, the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, and any and all other franchising documents in order to help you understand the fine print that a franchisor may not want you to read and understand. Our attorneys will diligently represent you and will strive to preserve your best interests. If you believe that you are caught in an unfair franchise agreement or if you are thinking about becoming a franchisee, seeking legal counsel is one of the best decisions you will make. R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C.’s franchise attorneys stand ready to assist you in all of your franchise matters. Call us today, or use the Contact Us section of our website to have your particular question answered.