Eminent Domain or Condemnation

In Nevada, expanding public use projects initiated by governmental entities including the state, counties, and cities often result in taking land from individuals and businesses during the course of the projects. These governmental entities have a fundamental power to take private property for a public purpose without the landowner’s consent and even if the landowner does not want to sell his land. This power is known as the right of eminent domain or condemnation. Although governmental entities retain this power, eminent domain law requires that the government compensate the landowner at the fair market value (taken at the land’s highest and best use). While it may appear that the governmental entity is attempting to protect an individual’s or a business’s interests throughout the condemnation process, this generally is not the case. Therefore, it is important that individuals and business owners faced with eminent domain proceedings contact an experienced attorney at the earliest possible stage of the condemnation process.

Consulting with an attorney who has extensive experience in condemnation proceedings is the best way to ensure fair and equitable compensation for your property losses. The eminent domain or condemnation process can be confusing, complicated, and even intimidating for an individual or a business owner. This is where R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C.’s econdemnation attorneys can help. R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C. has obtained over 116 million dollars in actual condemnation settlements and concessions awards for clients. R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C. has a long standing reputation of effectively fighting for appropriate compensation in eminent domain proceedings throughout Las Vegas and Clark County. If you or your business is subject to condemnation proceedings, our attorneys will work directly and effectively to protect your interests.  Call us today, or use the Contact Us section of our website to have your questions answered.