Contract/Transactional Law

While contract law is the general body of law that governs contract formation, performance, defenses, and remedies, “transactional law” refers to the wide body of laws that impacts and influences legal planning, negotiations, and document drafting. Given the importance of contracts in legal planning, negotiation, and document drafting, many people consider contract law and transactional law to be one and the same. However, while contracts play a critical role in transactional law, transactional law is more expansive and encompasses an extensive range of legal issues and areas such as real estate law, business/corporate law, estate planning, franchise law, collections law, construction law, and civil litigation.  Contract law and transactional law permeate almost every facet of societal interaction and are extremely vital to nearly every industry.

Contract-Transactional Law Practice

At R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C., our transactional law attorneys have extensive experience in all contract and transactional matters. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in both private and commercial transactional matters throughout Clark County. Our attorneys provide an array of legal services in contract formation, drafting, and litigation. Whether you require legal assistance in drafting a business contract, in negotiating a commercial or residential lease agreement, or in perfecting a security interest, our attorneys stand fully prepared to assist you. If you would like to speak with our lawyers about a contract or transactional matter, please give us a call.