Collection Law

When you are owed a business debt, you want to take those actions that will ensure that you recover the full amount owed to you. While your position and your collection options may change depending on whether you are a secured creditor or a general unsecured creditor, as a creditor you have extensive rights, even in the event that the debtor has filed bankruptcy.

Once a debtor has defaulted on a debt, the law allows creditors various collection options, depending on each situation. These options include enforcing contracts through arbitration/mediation, obtaining judgments through litigation, levying and executing on judgments, setting up garnishments, conducting repossessions, and/or enforcing mechanic’s liens. As most creditors know, the process of collecting on a debt is oftentimes difficult and time-consuming. Because of this, a creditor fares better off with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Collection Law

At the offices of R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience in representing creditors in all collection law matters. Our attorneys will take an in-depth look at your situation in order to determine which strategy will work best for you and optimize your success. Our attorneys will help you, as a creditor, to determine your rights and to take aggressive action in collecting the debts owed to you. Whether this includes filing a proper proof of claim, commencing litigation, filing a motion for relief from the automatic stay in the event that the debtor has filed bankruptcy, or collecting through one or more of the many other options that may be available, we will work directly with you to protect your interests. R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C. stands ready to represent you or your business in all of your debt collection matters.  Call us today, or use the Contact Us section of our website to have your particular question answered.