Civil and Commercial Litigation

When our clients’ cases demand litigation, R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C.’s litigation attorneys are well experienced, qualified, and licensed to practice before all levels of the federal court system and all levels of the Nevada state courts. In addition, our attorneys are equally experienced and qualified to represent our clients before all Nevada administrative agencies.

At R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C., our approach is to try to find, if at all possible, reasonable alternatives to litigation. Such alternatives to litigation include arbitration, mediation, settlement agreements, and negotiations. Typically, litigation is very time consuming, lengthy, and costly. Furthermore, litigation usually results in neither party achieving a favored result in a very short period of time. In addition, after trial a party is often required to prosecute an appeal to a higher court, or face a possible bankruptcy filing by the other side after a judgment has been obtained.

For many of these reasons, our focus is on finding fast and effective legal solutions to our clients’ disputes while achieving the best results for the client at the lowest cost. If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers regarding civil and commercial litigation, or if you have any questions about our litigation practice, please give us a call or use the Contact Us section of our website . Our attorneys stand ready to represent you in your civil and commercial litigation needs.