Due to unforeseen circumstances, the time may arise when an individual or a business becomes unable to pay its debts. When times like these arise, the individual’s or business’s creditors are negatively affected as they await for payments that are rightfully theirs. To confront these issues and to provide a means of resolving such problems, the federal government created a bankruptcy system consisting of bankruptcy courts and detailed bankruptcy laws. Although today’s bankruptcy system allows debtors a way out from under some of their financial obligations, our bankruptcy system also protects the rights of creditors.

Bankruptcy Practice

Vaughn Gourley, P.C. possesses a vital understanding of the bankruptcy laws and principles. Our creditor bankruptcy attorneys assist clients throughout Las Vegas and Clark County in various bankruptcy matters and have extensive experience in representing creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy. We understand that in order to make informed decisions about your rights and interests as a creditor, you need accurate information and sound legal advice. Because the bankruptcy process is complex and generally requires professional knowledge to be successful, seeking professional help is in your best interests. R. Vaughn Gourley, P.C. stands ready to represent you or your business in your bankruptcy matters. Call us today, or use the Contact Us section of our website to have your particular question answered.

Common Bankruptcy Chapters

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  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 
  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 
  Chapter 11 Bankruptcy